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Customize Your Own Design

Can't find the right design for your room? No problem, we can help create custom switch cover with ANY design you like. Just email us the image file and we'll take it from there!

The price for a custom switch plate cover are as follows:

Switch Configurations Price
1 Toggle (2¾" W x 4½" H x ⅓" D) $14.95
1 Rocker (2¾" W x 4½" H x ⅓" D) $14.95
1 Blank (2¾" W x 4½" H x ⅓" D) $14.95
*Each order also includes complimentary screws.

Here are the Simple Steps to Order:

    1. Find and choose the ideal image. For the highest quality, we recommend the image file to be,
      • Either in JPG or PNG format.
      • Minimum size - Width: 900 pixels, Height: 1420 pixels
      • Minimum DPI is 200. We highly recommend beyond 300 DPI.
    2. Attach the image file and email us at In the email please let us know,
      • Your Name
      • Your Shipping Address
      • Your selected Switch Configuration (refer to above) and quantity.
      • Any additional information/instructions/request that you may have (optional).
    3. We will personally get back to you in 1 business day with a mockup of your design on a switch cover for your confirmation.
    4. Once you've confirmed, we will provide you a payment link to make payment for your order.
    5. Once payment done, we will immediately start making your custom switch cover.

    Order Your Custom Switch Plate Cover Today!